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Why you should reach out?

Charmaine is a Certified Practitioner in Reiki & Crystal Healing, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Certified Life/Health & Mindset Coaching, she is super passionate about helping her clients reach their full potential by improving their health habits within their Mind, Body & Soul, overall lifestyle, and mindfulness practice with providing a unique strategy base on each individual's energy.


She's all about empowering you and making positive changes to your life that last!

Charmaine Ledwidge

Schedule a discovery call with Charmaine 

Costs $O. Obligation-free. Invaluable conversation.

During this insightful call, she'll listen to your personal story and evaluate where you stand with your health goals. Plus, with her expertise, she'll offer valuable and tailored advice to meet your unique needs.


The best part? The discovery call is absolutely free of charge, and there's absolutely no pressure to buy any extra services.

You can take this great opportunity to take the first step in finding your inner clarity and connection, and to achieve a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Charmaine has provided other options in her services that she provides which are available to book accordingly to your desire.

Get in touch

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You can also follow Charmaine on Facebook and Instagram @clarityconnectionwithin to know what she's up to!

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